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Name of ReaderTimePassagePage numbersPassage start and finish
Special Guest9:00Neal arrives in New York109–112I first met Neal … I couldn’t keep up with them.
James Papp9:10Jack leaves New York112–116The whole mad swirl of everything … and I knew he was right.
Kevin Sullivan9:20Chicago and Des Moines116–120It was my dream that screwed up … a haunted life, the life of a ghost.
Eva9:30Des Moines to Preston120–124I was halfway across America … and the water-tank saying “Preston.”
Available9:40Preston to North Platte124–128“Damn me,” said Eddie with amazement … They came out of the cab and smiled at all of us.
Larry Inchausti10:00On the flatboard truck128–132“Pisscall!” … and returned to the tremendous darkness.
Available10:10Ogallala to Cheyenne132–136and the stars overhead were as pure and bright … in Colorado just over the line south of Cheyenne.
Alex Gough10:20Cheyenne to Denver136–140“I’ll take you in a bus,” I said …. A bunch I came to meet a few days later.
Brian Lawler10:30Brierly, Chase, Temko140–144Then Justin W. Brierly, a tremendous local character … “Oh wait till I tell you.”
Jeff Al-Mashat 10:40Ginsberg, Neal, Carolyn144–148And I rushed over to meet him. … I would find out later.
Available11:00Neal, Ginsberg, Jack148–152The nights in Denver are cool … as the great sun rose from the eastward plains.
Available11:10Central City152–156In the afternoon I was involved in that trek to the mountains … “Happy New Year, m’boy.”
Available11:20Back to Denver156–160He wasn’t drunk on liquor … the whole enormous sadness of a shirt.
Available11:30Denver to Marin City160–164Bill Tomson said he’d meet me in Frisco. … I don’t know if he ever finished supper.
Available11:40Guarding the barracks164–168There’s a possibility that Henri without knowing it … Then he leaned back and told me stories.
Carlyn Christianson12:00Stealing from the barracks168–172“You should have been here about two months ago” … “we must cut down on the cost of living.”
Available12:10Frisco172–176One night I waited a long time as he filled … We had to hitch hike back to San Francisco.
Available12:20Break with Henri Cru176–180I was on the road again. … I decided to leave.
Bill McCarthy12:30The Mexican girl180–184I went out on the porch. … silence and sweet anticipatory thoughts.
Available12:40LA184–188It was as simple as that. … no bones about their beatness and even there it was no go.
Russell Kwong1:00LA to Bakersfield188–192We still had eight dollars. … seven years old, darkeyed and sweet.
Nick Belardes1:10Bea, Freddy, Ponzo192–196Well there we were, and another wild day began. … “What we want to do is buy a trailer.”
Jane Hawley1:20Picking cotton196–200We bent down and began picking cotton. … and spit the skin away, a real luxury.
Available1:30Leaving Bea; Burroughs200–204Nightfall came. … No. Carolina, Virginia and on up.
Available1:40Selma to Pittsburgh204–208They arrived in Manhattan at dawn … We were bums together.
John Reid2:00Susquehanna to Queens208–212We walked seven miles along the mournful Susquehanna. … my wildest imaginings foresaw.
Available2:10Neal: Frisco to Rocky Mt212–216BOOK TWO: It was a year and a half … WE ALL KNOW TIME!
Available2:20Rocky Mt to New York216–220He rubbed his jaw furiously … jumped off the ship like Hart Crane on the way back.
Available2:30NY to Rocky Mt and back220–224It was the first time he was seeing Neal … “Don’t you think so, huh?”
Available2:40New York gang of friends224–228He was starting to turn to me as well … “now no time, we have no time now.”
Pam Zirion3:00Ginsberg, Neal, Louanne228–232Neal rushed back to watch Allen Anson … and I retired on the couch.
Bill McCarthy3:10New York to Washington232–236I heard them frantically rocking the bed … “That must be his own boat.”
Available3:20Washington to the South236–240We suddenly found ourselves trapped … Burroughs’ rickety old house in the Algiers swamps.
Available3:30Flomaton to Algiers240–244I slept and woke up to the crazy … “let’s go in the house and have a drink.”
Michael McLaughlin3:40Bill Burroughs244–248It would take all night to tell about Bill Burroughs … Bill sat on in the car snuffing.
Available4:00Algiers248–252There was a mystic wraith of fog … he asked, and went back to sleep a moment.
Available4:10Leaving Algiers252–256In the afternoon we went to Graetna … more bayou-like as we reached the Sabine.
Katie Neville4:20Opelousas to El Paso256–260In old Opelousas … “sun your bellies with me. Come on!”
Aracelli Astorga4:30Texas260–264We were driving west into the sun … “so I’m coming back home”
Lindy Schmindie4:40New Mexico and Arizona264–268“Goin’ home,” said Neal, "goin' home" … How much do you want?
Michael McLaughlin5:00Arizona to Frisco268–272We wanted just enough gas to make Frisco … tidings of peace around the world.
Lindy Schmindie5:10Frisco272–276I was out of my mind with hunger … Slim said “orooni” Neal said “Yes!”
Available5:20Frisco to NY, Queen Mary276–280I sat there with these two madmen. … for thereafter Neal became great..
Michael McLaughlin5:30Denver to Frisco280–284BOOK THREE:- In the Spring of 1949 … leading to nightmares and pain.
Available5:40Jack, Neal, Carolyn284–288Then I knew I loved her so much I wanted to kill her. … I said “What’s the matter?”
Available6:00Two days of kicks288–292I felt wretched when I asked it. … “just goofing all the time.”
Available6:10Jazz joints292–296That’s what Neal was, the HOLY GOOF. … nobody cared about that thing.
Available6:20Jackson's Hole296–300Neal was in a trance. … It has since been closed down , naturally.
Available6:30Leaving Frisco300–304On the corner of Fifth and Howard an hour later … “it’s not the tune that counts but IT---"
Available6:40Sacramento to Salt Lake City304–308Neal could go no further … below the curve of the earth, one clear, one dim.
Available7:00Salt Lake City to Denver308–312I told Neal that the thing that bound us all … not to touch her, and probably didn’t have to.
Available7:10Jack and Neal in Denver312–316The woman was a great man’s woman … we went to sleep
Available7:20Johnny's family316–320Everything happened the next day. … He ran out and drove away.
Available7:30Leaving Denver320–324Johnny and I found a cab in the driveway … just drove the rest of the way barechested.
Available7:40Ed Uhl, Nebraska324–328“Oh that Beverly is a sweet gone little gal … I’ve never been to Chicago in all my life.
Available8:00Iowa328–332We’ll come in there like gangsters in this Cadillac … I resigned myself to all.
Available8:10Chicago332–336And still Neal drove. … There we were!
Available8:20Wild bop night336–340The leader was a slender drooping … but the idea of what you should do.
Available8:30Edie in Detroit340–344“And what else do you do for fun?” … so as not to come our way and vanished.
Available8:40All-night pictures344–348I said “What the hell is that?” … and I’ve never seen her again.
Available8:50Detroit to New York348–350In the following afternoon Neal and I struggled … at the end of the road.
Available9:05Neal in New York350–352BOOK FOUR:- As I say, I came into some new money … “what other kicks are there? We know.”
Available9:10New York to Kansas352–356We sighed in the rain … “m’nose opens up and I can’t tell what I’m doing.”
Available9:20Denver356–360He was on his way to live with his brother … Everything was up, the jig and all.
Matt Khachadoorian9:30Neal in Denver360–364Behind him charred ruins smoked … poured pennies in it and at peanuts.
Joen Schader9:40LeavingDenver364–368He suggested we all write something on a penny postcard … Brierly always mused in his soul.
Available10:00Denver to Texas368–372Dancingmaster Death picked up his briefcase … “before we get to Laredo” warned Neal.
Hannah Martell10:10San Antonio to Laredo372–376We were all awake anticipating San Antonio. … and looked around and smiled at everyone.
Nancy Moore10:20Monterrey376–380Behind us lay the whole continent of America … “all the thoughts I’ve had man!”
Tony Dahm10:30Victoria380–384He was sweating. … and with magnificent Spanish eloquence.
Angela Tahti10:40Whorehouse384–388For a mad moment I thought Neal was understanding everything … and the other little dark girl.
Dominic Chequer11:00Leaving Victoria388–392Poor Gregor, all this time he stood … that’s what I’m going to do soon’s I find a good spot.
Kelsey Schedler-Wells11:10Limon to Moctezuma392–396And suddenly Limon appeared before us … examined us with finger in mouth.
Jnan Blau11:20Mexico City396–400“Gee I wish there was something I could give her! … and it does not pause for an instant
Nancy Moore11:30Neal leaves403–404An ambulance comes balling through … secret night, holy night.
Jami Cassady11:40Mexico City to New York404–408BOOK FIVE:- A week later the Korean War began … I think of Neal Cassady, I think of Neal Cassady